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If your organisation has acknowledged the potential financial, environmental and reliability benefits of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), then why not take advantage our free CHP desktop study?

Together with a shentongroup CHP expert, using shentongroup’s Power Therm Savings Calculator, you’ll gain a detailed understanding of how the most suitable CHP system will perform for your organisation.

The accompanying image demonstrates how our calculator compares electricity and gas usage before and after CHP installation, highlighting cost and carbon savings, along with system efficiency figures.


Our Powertherm Savings Calculator will help you to understand:

  • The ideal sized CHP system for your site
  • How many tonnes of C02 you will save per year
  • What your potential CCL exemption savings will be
  • Your overall comparison of current money spent on energy compared to post CHP installation

Whether you are a small end-user interested in saving money with CHP, or a consultant managing a larger project, shentongroup CHP experts are ready to help you to understand how Combined Heat and Power will work for you.

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