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Gas Combined Heat and Power System

At shentongroup we’re keen to help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint through cogeneraton with our low carbon energy source CHP engines.

Power Therm is shentongroup‘s complete range of combined heat and power engines.  We’re the official and sole UK and Ireland partners for TEDOM, one of Europe’s leading combined heat and power engine manufacturers. A Power Therm CHP engine recovers heat from the engine block and exhaust gas flue that is produced whilst the unit is running and generating electricity turning it into useful hot water, making it up to 95% efficient! This means that from a single source of fuel you create two usable energy products in the form of heat and electricity.

A Power Therm is different to other CHP systems because it has:-

  • a unique ability to be able to modulate down to 50% of the maximum electrical output
  • Truly fixed maintenance costs – unlike any other UK provider
  • 100% on board design for a compact, no fuss solution
  • Water cooled alternators on some of the units which mean no hot air discharge ductwork is needed keeping installation costs to a minimum
  • the ability to synchronise with a mains utility supply and standby generator, or both at once

With Power Therm CHP units you can drastically lower your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and have the added benefit of back-up power.

And it’s an impressively diverse range too:

  • 3 fuel types – natural gas, LPG, biogas, Over 100 CHP plant sizes from 7kWe to 2MWe, and bespoke units up to 10MWe.
  • 5 styles of CHP packages – open sets, acoustic enclosures, compact series, ‘containerised’, and total pre-fab plant room packages.
  • 13 services – FOC Feasibility Desktop Studies. CHP Size Selection. Site Surveys. Client Design Review.  M & E Schematics. G59 Application Process. Procurement & Finance Packages. Installation. Commissioning. Maintenance. Remote Monitoring. Performance Optimisation.
CHPsystem Electrical output(kWe) Thermal output(kWt) Electrical efficiency% Thermal efficiency% NoisedB(A) @ 1m DimensionsLxWxH(mm)
Natural Gas Micro CHP T30 30 60.9 32 63.3 60 1650 x 1345 x 1454
Natural Gas Cento CHP T50 48 91 32.5 61.6 65 3650 x 1100 x 1900
Natural Gas Cento CHP T80 81 120 35.1 52.2 65-76 4395 x 1500 x 2225
Natural Gas Cento CHP T200 200 253 39.2 49.5 65-80 4395 x 1500 x 2225
Bio Gas Cento CHP T120 124 165 36.9 49.2 65-78 4395 x 1500 x 2225

Popular Gas CHP Systems
If low emission power generation and high-performance power availability and reliability are a priority for your organisation, we can design the optimum commercial or industrial CHP power systems for your needs. We can also provide CHP remote monitoring and complete CHP maintenance and support.


To find out more about CHP, request a site survey, or simply call us on 0844 888 4445 – Our specialist CHP team can carry out a desktop study based on your gas and electricity bills, to calculate the savings and payback that a Power Therm unit and CHP energy will make for you.

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