HawkEye2 Remote Monitoring

HawkEye2 is our 24/7 remote monitoring system for all makes and sizes of standby generators. Power generator equipment remote monitoring ensures any issues are picked up and rectified before your hour of need – not during it.

shentongroup supplies a range of standard and bespoke remote monitoring systems for every power generator, starting with simple modem-based systems, right up to highly sophisticated web-based monitoring systems which allow us to carry out remote fault rectification. Sometimes you won’t even have to wait for an engineer to arrive.

Once a week, HawkEye2 automatically starts your generator and runs it for 10 minutes, checking vital operating parameters such as; voltage, frequency, oil and water temperature, battery condition, emergency stop and fuel levels. After the test a full condition report is sent to shentongroup’s HawkEye2 monitoring centre via phone line or GSM upload. You can also choose to receive SMS or voicemail reports sent to nominated numbers.

HawkEye2 dials image

If your standby generators are in action, or you’re using prime power generators equipped with HawkEye2, you get 24 hour monitoring, 365 days a year.

Features include:

  • Fully-automatic operation 24/7
  • Continuous monitoring of generator conditions
  • Notification of mains failure and generator operation
  • Confirmation of a successful test run
  • Automatic low fuel warning.

CHP Remote Monitoring

All TEDOM Power Therm Combined Heat and Power systems are designed to feature Infinium24 remote monitoring. You can read more detail in the CHP maintenance section.

Fully Bespoke Remote Monitoring

We ensure your power is monitored in the best way for your company and your equipment. Our remote monitoring and control solutions include:

  • Simple remote annunciator panels
  • Volt-free contacts for connection to your existing warning systems
  • SNMP adaptors
  • Connection to your BMS systems, including software integration
  • Text and email warning notification systems
  • GSM Tel-Tale Alarm for signalling mobile phones,

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