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As GDPR Ignites The UK Continuous Power Specialist Keeps Data Centres Online

As organisations of all sizes and types clamber to secure their data, how it is stored and more importantly, how individuals request and receive subsequent communications, shentongroup reminds us how robust continuous power solutions remain the force behind all data centre services.

Although General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force across the EU for two years, the time provision to allow organisations to fully comply ends May 25th 2018. Organisations will soon be held accountable for not ensuring that data is stored safely and that data relating to individuals is farmed through double opt-in and with explicit permission granted for its collection and subsequent usage.

coding-computer-data-577585Data centre professionals across the UK will undoubtedly recently have been liaising with clients relating to data safety and integrity. shentongroup, the UK’s Leading Technical Experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems is at the fore in ensuring that data centre’s across the country remain fully operational in the face of mains power shortcomings.

shentongroup Brand Ambassador, Nicole Wells, explained the company’s commitment to data centre integrity: “As well as providing best-in-industry generator and UPS solutions to data centre clients across the financial, telecoms and utilities industries, shentongroup also provides guidance and support to the broader data centre industry. shentongroup is a regular contributor at Data Centre World and offers a rich library of online resources at”

analogue-blur-business-159282Nicole continued: “With the importance of GDPR and its broader impact, organisations should now be considering all aspects of data integrity. shentongroup provides two free white-papers also available through our website that will help organisations to understand their continuous power options. They are entitled “Your free guide to protecting your business with the right type of standby power” and “Disaster Recovery Planning – how to create a resilient strategy”.


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