Features and benefits of Power Therm

Power Therm is different to other CHP systems because it has

  • a unique combination of 70kW electricity, 152kW hot water which provides 85.5% total package efficiency
  • fixed maintenance costs – unlike any other UK provider
  • 100% on board design for a compact, no fuss solution
  • an engine that never deteriorate in efficiency
  • the capability to run fully independent from the electricity grid
  • the ability to maintain UPS to critical electrical loads during power outages and remains synchronised with the mains on return
  • the ability to sync with a mains utility and standby generator, even both at once

With Power Therm you can drastically lower your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and also have it paid for by The Carbon Trust.

Compact Design

  • Some units are available with small footprint acoustic containers. This is especially helpful when installing in small plant room environments.

Pre-Fabricated Packages

  • Parts of the range are available within a total-solution containerised design. This gives a plug-and-play approach to installation and the container can house all the system components, in some cases even the fuel tanks.

Water-Cooled Indoor Versions

  • Some of our smaller units are available as low noise internal designs, fully cooled by the water circuits recovering the heat. Low temperature exhaust arrangements mean these units can be installed virtually anywhere you would fit a boiler.

Multiple Gas Fuel Options

  • Natural gas, LPG or biogas from anaerobic digestion. shentongroup has powertherm models to cover all these applications.

Synchronising With Mains Power

  • Most CHPs give the greatest operations benefits when running in parallel with the mains grid electricity. shentongroup has long experience in this field and produces a quality range of mains interface, G59/2 panels and has the necessary expertise to make this happen.

Standby Power Operation

  • Our range is offered with a variety of specialist controllers which enable the unit to operation to a standby generator. This gives the benefit that the electricity capacity of the CHP can be used to seamlessly support the critical load circuits on mains failure.

Synchronising Multiple CHPs Together

  • Often the energy profile of a site will advocate a number of smaller units. In these conditions we synchronise the units together in to one co-ordinated whole.

Synchronising with Existing Standby Generators

  • This is a very special feature unique to shentongroup and our powertherm CHPs which is that in certain circumstances the CHP can be made to operate synchronising with your existing standby power in the event of a powercut.

Island Running Mode

  • Many CHPs require mains power to be present to start. By contrast, our powertherm CHPs have the ability to start independently of the grid. This enhances the standby power benefits, because if your CHP was off at the point of a powercut, it would self-start just like a standby generator would.

Ease of Maintenance Access

  • Many units have multiple access doors on all sides. This reduces the amount of free space needed around the unit for maintenance purposes.

Integrations With BMS & BEMS Systems

  • Most on-board controllers can work in full compatibility with BMS architecture. Full range of control possibilities are available from simple and volt free contacts, through 4/20ma, CANBUS, PROFIBUS, SCADA, etc.

Long Life Service Intervals

  • Industry leading engine design and high-integrity oil systems give long range operation between services.

Sophisticated Remote Monitoring

  • Internet based remote monitoring and fault rectification enables our engineers to remotely respond to any issues before they become critical. Logins are given to all customers, with provision for different access rights according to your wishes.

Comprehensive Servicing Network

  • With over 1,000 units on maintenance contracts through the UK, shentongroup has a multi-layered network of directly employed engineers, operating in a fleet of our own vehicles from over 19 locations. Equipped with the best in communication and data tracking, we can respond fast to your needs.