Unhappy customers tend not to return, and with the internet and social media providing plenty of outlets to complain, keeping the customer satisfied has never been more important. That’s why so many hotels, sports grounds, leisure parks and more are so keen to have continuous power they can trust. It’s why they come to us. These case studies give a brief insight into the ways we offer complete power protection; feel free to get in touch to find out how we can keep your business open to the public.

Generator control panel installation
Automated Generator Control Solution for Fish Farm Aeration System

VS Fisheries, a large carp farming operation, required a solution to the manual process of starting their existing 30kVA generator which powers a series of aerators in on-growing ponds.  shentongroup provided an automated Control Panel solution which now brings the backup power system on-line in an automated, sequential ... Read more »

Spitbank Fort
shentongroup Provides Generators for Luxury Island Hotel

Project Overview
Spitbank Fort is one of three Napoleonic forts located at the mouth of the Solent, and is now a luxury island hotel.  When contractors Lowe and Oliver were commissioned to establish a reliable standby and prime power solution for this offshore redevelopment, they turned to shentongroup which ... Read more »

shentongroup Generators Power Temporary Hotel at Silverstone

A portable hotel company required standby power for its transportable hotel accommodation for Silverstone, the UK’s premier motor racing venue.  shentongroup won pole position, providing the hotel with two generators, distribution equipment and fuel tanks, together with engineers to install, test and certificate the installation.

Portable ... Read more »