Major IT Company Moves Headquarters with Help from shentongroup

Client: IT company

Location: Hampshire

Products & Services supplied: Standby generators Load Bank Testing AMF Panels

Project Description

The ever expanding world of IT depends one hundred percent on the availability of reliable continuous power supplies.  When a major IT infrastructure company decided to relocate its headquarters, it entrusted it’s continuous power supplies to shentongroup which firstly provided a standby generator whilst managing the modification of an existing generator.  This, alongside a new 103kVA generator was installed with an Uninterruptible Power Supply System with AMF Panels and then load bank tested.  A problem free move, with no break in continuous power supplies throughout both old and new premises, the client now enjoys an expertly installed, truly continuous power supply system, thanks to shentongroup.

Not only was moving from Sunbury to a new, purpose-built headquarters in Hampshire a complicated enough project, the IT company also had to ensure that it’s continuous power supply system was moved, augmented and upgraded at the same time.

With an expanding business, hence the necessity to relocate, it was imperative that all of the client’s existing and new business-critical IT infrastructure and communications equipment remained safeguarded and protected from power outages during every stage of the relocation process.  The shentongroup Projects Department was asked to modify one of the company’s existing diesel generators, moving and installing this along with a newer 103kVA generator and newly-acquired Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS).

However, whilst the relocation took place, the existing premises was still in need of a reliable continuous power supply solution until all equipment and staff were moved in entirety to Fleet. The customer’s Commercial Director confirmed the importance of shentongroup reacting swiftly and effectively; “The movement of the generators and UPS, not only needed to be carried out quickly, but also without exposing our Systems to power outages”.

shentongroup’s Sales and Marketing Director, Custis Meek, explained the complexity of the project and how shentongroup manages such projects efficiently; “With no margin for error, timing is of the essence when dealing with organisations whose data and continuous power is critical to business operations”.  Curtis continued; “To begin the project, shentongroup installed a temporary 200kVA diesel generator to support the old Sunbury premises whilst the company’s existing 200kVA generator was removed and modified to bring it up to date with the most recent generator performance standards”.

“This set, together with a more recently purchased 103kVA generator, was then transported to the new Fleet HQ and mounted on the new, purpose-laid concrete base, previously installed by shentongroup during earlier work”. Curtis added.

All electrical cabling work associated with the generators and UPS was undertaken at Fleet, together with the installation of approx 50 metres of new cable underground and up the side of the building to the third-floor switch room.

Using specialist sub-contractors, a new 120kVA UPS and battery weighing approx 1500kG was installed, together with the Generator AMF panels. Finally, the generators were fuelled, loadbank tested and the complete standby power system was fully commissioned.

Confirming shentongroup’s slick management of the project, which was delivered within a two week timeline, the client’s Commercial Director praised shentongroup: shentongroup efficiently and methodically carried out the work over a two week period and ensured that the standby power system was fully operational at our new HQ 24 hours before we moved over our staff and equipment”.

The client experienced minimal interference from shentongroup throughout the entire project.  A clean changeover at the old premises to a standby generator saw a very smooth transition, taking the older generator away to be modified and then installed within the company’s new Fleet headquarters.

With the new generator set load bank-tested and installed alongside an Uninterruptible Power Supply System, the client now enjoys truly continuous and uninterruptible power supplies.  With their Uninterruptible Power Supply system now in operation, should the new headquarters experience any interruption to it’s mains power supplies, AMF Panels will react to the power failure and activate their generator set with zero break in power.

About shentongroup
shentongroup is the UK’s leading technical expert in standby power, uninterruptible power supplies, and combined heat and power supplies. The company provides power solutions to organisations spanning a broad array of industries that rely on continuous power supplies and includes; finance, telecoms, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, government, utilities, sport and leisure, and of course, IT.

shentongroup’s standby generator range includes single and three phase generator solutions, ranging from 10kVA to 3.2MVA.  Being all British built and to the highest quality and safety standards, shentongroup generators are ideal for use as prime power or standby power supply usage.  All shentongroup diesel generators include; a full range of weatherproof canopies to meet sound attenuation levels; proven industry-leading control systems and switchgear hardware; integral bunded base-frame fuel tanks and fuel management systems; containerised modular solutions; custom built drop-over acoustic canopies; and skid-mounted ‘open’ sets for specific applications.

shentongroup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems, complete with Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panels, also referred to as Automatic Transfer (ATS) Boards, monitor the incoming AC mains supply and with no break in power, activate the standby generator when mains power fails.  When the mains supply returns, the AMF Panel controls a return to the mains supply and shifts down the generator after a suitable cooling run.

The company’s Load Bank Testing services ensure that customers’ standby generators can handle the job.  It makes sure that, in the event of a power outage, the backup generators do not fail in any way.  Load banks are plugged into the backup power supply to test the UPS system to ascertain that it behaves as it should, that it’s batteries are all in full working order, and to run a full, stable load into the standby generators.  shentongroup’s total load banking service includes; Site survey, delivery and positioning of the load bank; Site logistics – incl. road closures, crane movements etc; Testing of the generator/power source; Disconnection and removal of the load bank; Reconnection to the normal load; Detailed results with full written report.

To find out more about your standby power options, contact the shentongroup technical team on 0844 888 444 5 or request a site survey here.

Download this case study in pdf format here.

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