Driving Down Our Carbon Footprint

Shenton Group helps countless organisations across the UK to drive down their energy bills and to reduce their carbon footprints through the implementation of technologies including Combined Heat & Power, often in conjunction with cheaper, greener biogas. However, our drive towards environmental best practice doesn’t stop with with our clients, and taking pole position in our ever-increasing list of initiatives is our move towards a more economical fleet of vehicles.

With engineers and depots throughout the country, the Shenton Group team clocks up considerable mileage servicing clients, and that’s why we’re proud to announce that we’re moving over to a more economical, hybrid electric powered fleet and we’ve even installed our own charging points right here at Shenton House.

As one of the country’s premier suppliers of Combined Heat & Power systems, Shenton Group is the UK and Ireland’s sole distributor of Tedom CHP systems. CHP provides far more efficient energy for organisations with hot water demands, thanks to the heat generated through electricity production being used to heat the water. A range of Tedom CHP systems operate using biogas. This otherwise waste product is being increasingly harnessed as more and more agricultural businesses utilise anaerobic digestion, harnessing biogas produced by the breakdown of organic materials, such as harvest waste.

Green Energy - Continuous PowerIn addition to helping clients to produce greener energy, we utilise the waste oil from our generators and CHP installations to heat our own headquarters, right here at Shenton House.

Staying at Shenton House, to further lower the carbon footprint of our headquarters, we’re implementing a program for replacing all lighting with more efficient, environmentally-friendly LED bulbs. Providing circa 6-to-7 times more energy efficiency when compared to conventional incandescent lighting, switching to LED can cut energy use by more than 80 precent!

Like most industrial organisations, waste is unavoidable, but it’s how that waste is dealt with that matters. Shenton Group ensures that all toxic waste we generate is processed in an environmentally-responsible manner. All toxic waste from rags, oil filters and oil containers is professionally processed through a dedicated environmental contractor and we even carry our own environmental accreditation, being ISO 14001 – Environmental.

So hopefully, next time you see a shentongroup vehicle out and about on one fo the country’s roads, it might act as a reminder that Shenton Group is committed to improving the environment for all, as we go about our core business of providing best-in-industry continuous power solutions to our clients.

For more information on our environmental initiatives and how your organisation can achieve greener, cheaper continuous power, click here to speak to a member of the UK’s leading technical experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems.

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