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Structuring a successful emergency response team

Regardless of how robust your disaster recovery plan is, the success of its implementation will depend on the team that is responsible for it.

Structure your team by ensuring your selected member’s skills match the areas of responsibility. Below is a list of the key team members required and what they should be responsible for. In every case, there should be a primary and secondary member, both of whom will need to be equally briefed.

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Why Is disaster recovery planning so Important?

According to AXA Insurance, 80% of businesses affected by a major incident, either never re-open, or close within 18 months.

Having a robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan, minimises this impact on the business and ultimately, the customer. Therefore, not only is disaster recovery planning important for you, it is important for your customers.

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Seven steps to successful standby power for data centres

A resilient system for data centre power protection and security is critical to business continuity and resilience. That’s a given. Although there are various elements to a full turnkey standby power solution including; UPS systems, battery banks, power distribution networks, switch gear, bulk fuel storage etc, we’ve chosen to focus the attention on generators in this article, which is undoubtedly the keystone to the power support structure.

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Protecting your Residents during a Power Cut

A look at modern Standby Power Solutions 

Unacceptable Care

You are the manager of a care home and it is a cold, Winter night. Suddenly the lights flicker and within seconds the whole building is plunged into darkness. Without mains power you have no lifts, no lights, no heating, no hot water, no kitchens, no kettles, no laundry…the list just goes on! More importantly your residents will be dark, cold, unsafe and confused.
Do you have any idea for how long? 

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Power up to protect

All retailers hope never to be faced with having to operate their business without electricity but acts of nature, mechanical problems and other emergency situations could result in power failure. The first step in providing power protection is to understand the leading causes of power-related problems. A myth to dispel is that power is perfect. Research carried out on power supply disturbances, conducted throughout Europe shows great differences from place to place and between different types of installations. 

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