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Our 2016 Diary is Filling with Pub16, Data Centre World and UK AD & Biogas 2016 Exhibitor Slots Confirmed

With Christmas and New Year approaching, it’s not too early to start planning which industry events to attend next year. shentongroup certainly has and we can confirm that we’ll be exhibiting at Pub16, Data Centre World 2016 and UK Ad & Biogas 2016, so read on and get the following dates in your diaries!

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What is G59?

G59 Embedded Generator Regulations

G59 is the regulation surrounding the connection of any form of generator device to run ‘in parallel’ or ‘synchronised’ with the mains electrical utility grid (National Grid).  The regulation has its roots in Ofgem rules, and is administered as the Energy Networks Association Engineering Recommendation G59/2-1 “Recommendations for the connection of generating plant to the Distribution System of Licensed Distribution Network Operators – Amendment 1”.

This is relevant for all power generation, including combined heat and power units as well as generators being used for peak-lopping, or grid parallel use, greater than 16A per phase.  For anything below this the Engineering recommendation G83/1-1 applies.

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4 common misconceptions on G59 regulations

In years of doing projects with G59 protection shentongroup have often come across some popular myths, so we seek to dispel them here:-

“ I don’t need G59 Protection unless I intend to export power to the grid”.

Wrong.  If you have any form of generator where the output is connected to the electrical systems in your building, and thus to the grid, you must protect it with a G59 relay device.

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Taking a view on the need for regular maintenance and service of air circuit breakers

Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) are used as circuit protection for a wide range of low voltage (up to 600V AC) applications, typically generators, MCCB distribution boards, UPS, small power stations, etc with sizes ranging from 400A to 6300A or larger. Protection is provided in either 3 or 4 pole configurations. Additional protective devices can be fitted such as undervoltage releases and shunt trip coils together with auxiliary contacts for remote signalling. 

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