Avert Bleak Winter Predictions With CHP Systems

A recent Telegraph article painted a rather bleak picture of the future that, following a number of coal power station closures, sees Britain’s entire electricity network becoming overloaded.
pexnuc;ear3With Yorkshire’s Eggborough power station due to close in March next year, which incidentally produces four per cent of the UK’s power, and with Longannet coal-fired plant in Fife due to close in March, the United Kingdom could be moving towards a winter of blackouts and power curfews not experienced since the winter of enforced economic hardship of 1979.

Although this might sound somewhat of a doomsday scenario, it is a highly likely predicament according to Anthony Price, director of Electricity Storage Network. Price argues that policymakers have allowed the UK’s network to become so vulnerable to outages that the cost to the economy in lost output and productivity could be in the region of billions of pounds.

For organisations that rely on uninterruptible power supplies, the uncertainty of the next few winters is not great. However, shentongroup provides organisations with true independence from the national grid. We provide the Power Therm complete combined heat and power (CHP system) station offering. Power Therm generates electricity from less expensive gas and the resulting heat generated in the process is used to heat water and heating systems.

So no matter the size, shentongroup can help future-proof your organisation from any uncertainties of the national grid. To discuss your uninterruptible power supplies and the right CHP system for you, speak to a member of the shentongroup team now (click).

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