Power Hawk is launched by shentongroup

At shentongroup we have a proud tradition of innovation so we are pleased to announce the launch of Power Hawk.  Power Hawk is an expansion module for the remote annunciation of status and alarm conditions on a Generator system.

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Generator install at a school in Wales

shentongroup successfully completed another Generator installation recently at a school in Wales.  This project was built around a 500Kva standby Generator and also included a Fuel fill cabinet which was recessed into the School perimeter fence with Power Pipe leading to the Generator base tank.

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Specifying diesel standby generators for homes

It’s becoming more common to see standby diesel generators installed in homes. For many properties the reliance on technology is no longer just to provide heat and light.

The demand for standby generators specified for these high end properties has increased by 60% as the option to provide continuous power becomes easier. Read more »

Do I need planning permission for a standby power generator?

Standby Diesel generators, especially those in inner-city or urban areas, can often require planning permission. With stricter guidelines around air quality and environmental health, planning for generators is a complex topic.

Requirements vary regionally, but the guidance below will help you find local contacts and answer some common questions to find out how standby generator planning impacts your project requirements. Read more »

What is ‘Peak lopping’ and how can it help to maintain power supply?

‘Peak lopping’ otherwise known as ‘peak shaving’, is the use of an additional power source (such as a generator) in synchronisation with the mains power supply, to deliver enough power to meet the peak demand that cannot be met by the mains supply.

Using a generator to provide a ‘peak lopping’ power supply, will enable the use of the most cost effective mains power but provide the added support to reinforce the mains power during periods of high demand. Read more »