When Would I Need a Rental Generator?

Sometimes organisations can’t justify having their own permanent standby generators and unforeseen changes to the business may create additional short term demands for prime or standby power. In situations like this, shentongroup’s Power Rental Generators may well be the answer. Read more »

Build Your Skills with shentongroup’s Tech-Talks and CIBSE CPD Sessions

If you work in the mechanical and electrical sector and have an interest in Combined Heat & Power and Diesel Generators, then shentongroup’s free CIBSE-accredited CPD sessions might be just what you need to help you improve the design and delivery of solutions for complex energy requirements, as well discuss the products that are available to meet them. Read more »

CHP Solution For Biogas Farm

The popularity of biogas as a fuel to generate electricity has grown significantly over the last few years, with its usage having doubled since 2013(1)Read more »

Power Solution Ensuring Life Saving Studies

A national medical college trains the next generation of professionals in advancements in patient care, diagnostic testing and cutting-edge treatments; all of which are power intensive and power critical fields of study. Read more »

November Colleague of the Month

The power behind generator service excellence is an outstanding team; a team that ensures that the entire UK receives the service and support they need to guarantee reliable continuous power. Read more »

Rolling Our Sleeves Up For Love Where You Live

As an organisation striving to reduce its environmental impact and one that is dedicated to supporting the community and improving local surroundings, shentongroup is proud to be a part of Love Where You Live. Read more »