Spill Containment

Spill Containment

Sound site management and stringent health and safety procedures are essential for any backup power supply storage. But accidents do happen.

Our spill kits for oil and diesel fuel limit negative environmental impact and danger to staff and site alike. Each kit contains a range of absorbent materials to help with the collection and recovery of any spillages, together with a disposable bag, ties and instructions.

Our spill containment kits come in three sizes: 50 lire, 120 litre, and 240 litre fuel spill storage bins. They’re highly visible, easy to store and perfect when a quick response is required. We can also supply replacement absorbent pads, booms and bags directly from stock.

An optional drain cover is also available to prevent any spillages polluting the drainage network.

Get in touch today to ensure you can handle minor spills on site and avert disaster.