Loadbank Testing Engineer

Load Bank Testing

The last thing you need when you’ve suffered a power failure is standby generators that can’t handle the job. Generator load bank testing ensures that, when your mains power goes down, your backup power doesn’t falter under pressure.

A load bank test is a controlled test of your full backup power protection system. Firing up a generator to see if it’s working doesn’t tell you whether it’s capable of taking on a full load. We have our own load banks which we plug into the backup power supply to test the UPS system behaves as it should and that its batteries are all in full working order, and to run a full, stable load into the standby generators.

Depending on your site – the location and number of generators – this can be quite a significant operation. So our total load banking service includes:

  • Site survey, delivery and positioning of the load bank
  • Site logistics – road closures, crane movements etc’
  • Testing of the generator/power source
  • Disconnection and removal of the load bank
  • Reconnection to the normal load
  • Detailed results with full written report.

As well as giving you peace-of-mind that when you have a mains blackout you’ve got a fully operational backup power supply that will run steadily until the mains is reconnected, load bank testing cleans out your generators. In removing built-up carbon deposits from pistons and exhaust systems, you’ll get a smoother, cleaner and more reliable generator.

At shentongroup we recommend load bank testing for generators at least once a year. We provide an extended and full load bank package for testing generators – whether you’ve hired the generators from us or already have your own on-site.

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